At UNHYCOS, marketing is 360°!

The business covers and oversees all marketing functions in-house, from product design to marketing, via development.

In devising innovations and bringing them to market, our teams use all available tools for marketing strategy, development, communication and retail, including digital tools. We keep abreast of consumer surveys and are constantly revitalising our brand communication on social media. We also keep a constant eye on the international market so as to consistently offer products that meet consumer needs.

Our marketing team develop strong brands with a clear positioning on all export markets without conceding our French expertise. The graphic designers and designers in our design studio have extensive knowledge of our brands which guarantees a command of this identity. The integration of the packs, R&D and regulatory roles and the close collaboration between these teams also gives us total control of the innovation development chain overseen by our product managers.

Finally, our operational marketing teams offer support for retail and knowledge of sales channels in each country. They listen to the needs of our distributors, offer the necessary resources for brand promotions and discounts at points of sale. Posters, display stands, shelf-edges, gondolas and goodies hold no secrets for us. Good retail is about the right packaging and sales forecasts. Developing our media communication enables us to successfully support the launch of our products.