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As a cosmetic subsidiary of the French family group, Unhycos is a competitive player on the international market. We are steadily growing and offer a wide range of innovative products to suit everyone’s needs and preferences. Since the 1990s we have been developing our product ranges and commercial partnerships with the same focus on quality. The global expansion of our French cosmetic expertise is made possible by a constant focus on local knowledge of our players in our markets. Our responsiveness is widely recognised by our clients and suppliers.

Innovative both in terms of their formulation and packaging, our international brands are firmly establishing themselves across all categories of cosmetic products: Hygiene, hair-removal, face and body care, perfume, babycare, male grooming and haircare.

The men and women of Unhycos put all of their expertise of the industry into a business that is focussed on meeting all types of challenges.
Our strategy is to establish strong brands and brand awareness across international markets.

            About us

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