Research & Development

Research & Development

The role of the Research & Development department is to bring projects to fruition from Specifications to production.

Its main remit is to develop and progress our brands whilst guaranteeing effectiveness and quality and ensuring the regulatory compliance required to bring them to market.

The team is made up of chemists specialising in formulation, regulatory issues and quality.

The work of formulators is based on a marketing concept which is disgusted at length by the laboratory and marketing department resulting in a precise set of specifications.

Ingredients are then rigorously selected and formulated to achieve optimum effectiveness.

In parallel, the regulatory team checks each ingredient as well as the formulas produced. This is to ensure their compliance in all of the countries to which we export.

With the formula finalised, the development process is complete. The product then undergoes numerous tests with the aim of ensuring the product’s quality and effectiveness as well as the consumer’s health and safety when using it.


With these studies complete, the formula is scaled up for industrial production with trial runs created in the lab. The product’s instructions for use and physico-chemical specifications are refined and approved.

The information can then be passed on to the production line where the product will be manufactured based on the relevant health and safety standards for our industry.

At UNHYCOS, men and women working in the lab use different formulation and production techniques to offer the most innovative galenic formulations.

It is first and foremost in our lab that French Expertise is apparent on a daily basis in our high scientific standards and creative approach.