Export Development

Export Development

Our teams export our business and its values worldwide. They build long-term commercial partnerships and identify new markets. With responsibility for accounts from beginning to end (from the first contract to the final delivery of products), the export manager analyses client needs, produces quotes, negotiates contracts and handles orders.

As veritable maestros they know how assess the potential of each market for our product categories. They must identify key distributors in terms of reliability and market coverage and are familiar with the cultural specificities of each partner.

But winning a new contract is not enough.  They must listen to clients over the long term and remain in constant contact with the sales channels for our major brands. At UNHYCOS we provide our retailers with any marketing materials they may need to promote our brands and thus boost their sales.

Based in France and reporting to an exports director, they spend over 30% of their time in the field.

When they are not in the field at the other side of the world they are involved in developing our sales policy. They manage it and coordinate its implementation with targets for sales, margins and profitability.

It’s worth remembering that sales are just the visible part of their remit. Indeed, the ability to resolve logistical and financial problems, knowledge of customs, specific insurance, transport and payment procedures used in the export market are essential aspects of their day-to-day. Our core values of local knowledge and responsiveness are always on display at the exports department!